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We add value to our clients (developers and investors) applying a broad experience in shopping centre’s development, conceptualisation and asset management.

iDEA is a consulting firm specialised in shopping centers, whose scope of works  covers:

  • General real estate advice for shopping centers

  • Development management services: New projects.

  • Repositioning and refurbishment of existing centers.

  • Layout

  • Commercialisation

  • Investment: purchase and sale of shopping centers.

Start - Up Phase

Land search, investor  or business opportunity.

Analysis of the location , competition, area of attraction and access to determine the commercial concept and potential of the future center.


Realization of  layout  of the center taking into account the existing offer, future competition, location, pedestrian and vehicular access, visibility, size and buildability of the plot, heights and possible uses, dimension and shape of the center and of the premises, maximum use of the best facades , optimization of pedestrian flows to avoid cold areas, access from parking and location of common areas.

Starting from  layout  and with the local futures measured one by one, the  business-plan  of the center with the following large sections:

  • Promotion costs: Construction, licenses and permits, connections, external and financial fees, agreements with public entities and other charges.

  • Rent roll  from local center to local.

  • It will explain the criteria used for the disbursement of own funds and the expected cash flow.

  • It will synthesize the basic parameters of analysis from the point of view of financial viability.

  • Information regarding the gross margin will also be provided in the case of sale of the project on the opening date, as well as conclusions and recommendations.

Tenant Check : Checking the degree of acceptance of the new center by commercial operators.



  • Design of the tools through which the new Project will be marketed.

  • Preparation of the pre-marketing dossier to present to commercial operators.

  • Coordination for carrying out advertising campaigns and promotional events.

  • iDEA presentation of the project using the pre-market dossier.

  • Negotiation of the basic conditions (size, location, rent, duration, payments, etc.) for the subsequent signing of reservation contracts by the property or letters of interest by merchants.

Promotion Phase


  • Preparation of the marketing dossier including the labels that have anchored the project in the pre-marketing phase.

  • Carry out the own marketing tasks, proceeding to identify the  operators of all the premises. Negotiations will be held with the selected operators and all the essential aspects of the lease will be negotiated for subsequent signature by the Property Owner with the operators that are finalists.

Project management :  Establishment with the property of the project objectives and the assumption of responsibility in their fulfillment. Selection and hiring of all parties involved in the project. Leadership and motivation of the project team.

Marketing :  Analysis of the shopping center and the competition to position the project, its name and its logo. Design and organization of advertising campaigns during marketing, the launch campaign and the opening ceremony.

Urban planning :  Development and management of urban planning figures. Negotiation and signing of agreements with official bodies. Management and obtaining urban and commercial licenses.

Juridical-legal :  Advice and constitution of the legal personality for the development of the project. Preparation of land purchase-sale deeds, mortgage constitution, new construction and horizontal division. Preparation of contracts: lease promises, lease or sale contracts, service provision and construction contracts. Insurance management.

Economic-financial :  accounting of the project and monitoring of income, expenses and deviations. Credit management with banks. Formulation of annual accounts and monitoring of audit work.

Project Management :  Establishment with the project management of its objectives and the assumption of management and responsibility for said objectives. Assistance to the project management in the selection and hiring of the project team. Control of the entire development process of the project and construction.

Architecture and Engineering :  Preparation of Preliminary Projects, Master Plan and Concept Design, as well as projects for requesting licenses: Basic, Execution and Activity Project. Management or supervision of the facultative direction.

Operator works coordination :  Coordination and surveillance of the operators' projects for their harmonization with the whole. Guardianship and supervision of the management of operator licenses. Coordination and monitoring of private works

Operating Phase

Asset Management :  Representation of the property before the agents that carry out the patrimonial management and management of the center. Establishment with the owner of the objectives of the asset in the medium and long term and setting of actions to achieve the objectives.  with the aim of maximizing the value of the asset. Directing and motivating the center's asset management and management teams to achieve the maximum performance of the asset measured in terms of achieving the highest income for it, the best possible commercial mix, the best value from the center's clients and the best relationship with the anchor operators of the project.

Reform and repositioning of the center

The competition from larger, better located or newer centers, changing shopping habits and the Internet, mean that many shopping centers become obsolete, commercially aged and without the necessary pull to attract an increasingly demanding clientele with more alternatives. . The search for the SHOPPING EXPERIENCE instead of the mere purchase determines that many shopping centers need a major reform.

iDEA carries out the study of repositioning or refurbishing a shopping center in order to compete in this increasingly mature and competitive environment. We analyze the basic general aspects of location (visibility, access, size, heights, parking and present and future competition)  commercial mix, architectural aspects and  layout  of the building that do not favor the proper functioning of the center and that are susceptible to improvement, the real estate and technical situation of the building, the patrimonial situation (rents and sales of the operators, effort rates, empty premises and duration of the  vacancy, duration of contracts, maturities and exit clauses) and all this to silver a  business-plan  de Reforma with new floor plans and costs of said reform and its profitability.

Sale of the shopping center:  Preparation of the sales dossier. Establishment with the property of the optimum concurrence system to maximize interest in the asset. Identification and negotiation with interested investors. Negotiation and signing of the contract.

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